Monday, February 19, 2018

Of Miners, Mistresses, and Personal Failings

Like most, I was completely mesmerized by the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners after 70 days underground.  I barely survived a couple of days during Snowmageddon and I had all my creature comforts. But one of the surprising stories resulting from the ordeal was the love triangle between trapped miner Yonni Barrios, his wife […]

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Arrogance and Hubris: Eddie Long

September 30, 2010 by  
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For a scandal only about a week old it has been talked to death.  No need to rehash everything.  Bishop Eddie Long, who presides over several mega-churches in Atlanta and elsewhere, has been accused by four young men of sexual coercion.  Yes, this would be the married Bishop Long. Some people see this event as […]

Dear Dove World, God Don’t Like Ugly

September 8, 2010 by  
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Someone needs to tell that to the idiotic and asinine preacher fronting like a man of God and encouraging people to burn the Koran on September 11th.  I’m usually resigned to let people be complete idiots because usually they’re not hurting anyone.  But this man may very well get someone killed and have blood on […]

Understanding Passover

March 29, 2010 by  
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Even though I have several Jewish friends and colleagues, I’ve never fully understood Jewish holidays.  Sure, I get Hanukkah and Yom Kippur generally, but only enough to know when it is and perhaps the proper greeting.  I have a great respect for all cultures and believe there is something to be learned from them all.  […]

Did People Really Think President Obama was a Muslim?

March 10, 2010 by  
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Some did, and unfortunately the media hasn’t been able to cut through the lies.  Approximately 20 percent of Americans believed that then-Senator Barack Obama was a Muslim during the 2008 presidential campaign despite news stories and fact-checking Web sites that attempted to debunk the rumor. Professor Barry Hollander in the Grady College of Journalism and […]

Is it Okay to Pray?

March 9, 2010 by  
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Recently I attended a board meeting consisting of all African American board members.  At the last couple of meetings the board chair has opened the meetings with a prayer.  I actually considered it a pleasant surprise, but began to wonder if it was offensive to anyone. At our most recent meeting I asked the group […]

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