Monday, February 19, 2018

Book Recommendation: Black Woman Redefined – Available Now!

My good friend and colleague former JET Columnist, White House Reporter, MSNBC / & Essence contributor Sophia Nelson has penned a new book that everyone is talking about! Black Woman Redefined:  Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in The Age of Michelle Obama. We all heard about and were appalled by the Psychology Today article last week […]

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Unhealthy Relationship Songs (Surprise, Hip Hop and R&B Don’t Do So Well)

I remember loving Guy’s song in the 1990s, “Piece of My Love.”  My boyfriend at the time used to shake his head in disbelief when I would sing it and suggest that it was our song.  He was like, “you know the song is about a man basically telling one of his side chicks that […]

The Mis-Education of the Negro

I oftentimes wonder how many of us have read the classic texts shaping the African American experience…and how many of us have just “heard about it.”  Have you read Carter G. Woodson’s The Mis-Education of the Negro?  Fortunately many texts are now available in the public domain and available online.  blackgirlgrown will periodically post sections […]

Book Recommendation: The Master Method

What: The Master Method by Marco Sies.  The Master Method combines the wisdom of the most powerful teachers and leaders in history. This knowledge has been passed around for thousands of years from teachers to students and can be found recorded in the pages of thousands of wonderful books. These writings of ancient masters as well […]

On blackgirlgrown’s Reading List

March 8, 2010 by  
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Career and Professional Development Perhaps 2008 was the Age of Obama, but today is all about women in the workplace.  Before the Shriver Report there was Womenomics by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.  Instead of lecturing corporate executives and business leaders on political correctness, Kay and Shipman make the strong case for women in the […]

Balanced Life — Nine Things You Can Do Every Day — Even When You Can’t Do Anything Else

Simple, yes. But extremely important, not just in the action but in the habit. Growing up, I always considered making my bed a chore. Now I understand it is about how you start your day…with purpose. I’m happy to report I accomplish about seven of the nine simple things. I need to work on “jumping […]

McWhorter: What To Get a Black Person For Christmas

December 18, 2009 by  
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Always thought-provoking, John McWhorter provides his recommendations on what Blacks need this Christmas:  Bill Cosby’s State of Emergency CD. So very “2004” by now – the days when the kickoff question for an interview on black issues was whether you agreed with the views of Bill Cosby. What was interesting was how many black people […]

No Black Prince for Disney’s Tiana?

December 11, 2009 by  
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Black women across America gave a collective “It’s about time” when Disney announced pre-production on a film featuring a black princess. Disney has traveled a long road to move from its early caricatures of lazy, big-lipped, bug-eyed, zoot-suited blacks to Princess Tiana, an energetic, smart and in-charge heroine. But as the national release of The […]

Why Precious is Important (Movie Review)

After I agreed to write a review for the movie Precious I began to wonder if I’m the right person to do so. I say this because I am by no means a big movie-goer. In fact Precious is only the third movie I’ve seen this year — He’s Just Not That Into You and […]

Movies With Meaning: American Casino, Skin Deep, and TEN9EIGHT

October 29, 2009 by  
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As much as we were looking forward to seeing Chris Rock’s Good Hair, the reviews from the “girlfriend focus group” aren’t very positive. General consensus: Should have gone straight to cable to begin with. However, there are three movies/documentaries opening that have meaning and relevance to our lives and communities: American Casino: Filmed over twelve […]

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