Monday, February 19, 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness In Months Other Than October

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It was hard to miss.  My Twitter fam had their pink ribbon Twibbons, the National Football League was rocking pink nonstop and there was even a Lifetime movie dedicated to breast cancer.  I was in full awareness mode myself.  I hate cancer.  I had my pink Komen awareness […]

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Heels & Helmets Superbowl XLV Primer

Are you ready for some football?  Whether you’re watching the game with your man or going to a Superbowl Party you need to be prepared to talk shop with the boys (and girls).  Our favorite sports blog, Heels & Helmets has a great four part series to get you up to speed by Sunday’s game.  […]

The Money Mom: I Am Thankful!

This past November we celebrated Thanksgiving. For many of us, we had turkey, dressing, pies, cakes, and family on our minds. And I was no exception. I love that time of the year because I get to take time off from work to be with my family. This is not always easy for me to […]

blackgirlgrown is two!

January 3, 2011 by  
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Has it really been two years? Yes, it has. Two years since the launch of blackgirlgrown. And it has been an incredible ride. I remember the spark that led to its creation. I was searching for an Internet oasis of information and resources for black women.  I was searching for answers on health issues I […]

Thanksgiving 2010: I’ve got lots to be thankful for

Thanksgiving 2010.  I’ve got lots to be thankful for. The first people that come to mind are my parents and grandparents.  I am blessed to have my mother, my stepfather, and my maternal grandparents.  From childhood until now, they show me every day that they are all the family I need. I am thankful that […]

Of Miners, Mistresses, and Personal Failings

Like most, I was completely mesmerized by the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners after 70 days underground.  I barely survived a couple of days during Snowmageddon and I had all my creature comforts. But one of the surprising stories resulting from the ordeal was the love triangle between trapped miner Yonni Barrios, his wife […]

Arrogance and Hubris: Eddie Long

September 30, 2010 by  
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For a scandal only about a week old it has been talked to death.  No need to rehash everything.  Bishop Eddie Long, who presides over several mega-churches in Atlanta and elsewhere, has been accused by four young men of sexual coercion.  Yes, this would be the married Bishop Long. Some people see this event as […]

Rewarding Bad Behavior

September 29, 2010 by  
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One of the things that irked me during the JetBlue plane-ejecting flight attendant was the rallying around a guy who engaged in terribly bad judgment and bad behavior.  After the story spread, this guy became a Facebook sensation with people actually donating money for his defense fund! He quickly became the poster child for frustrated […]

Advice to Young Girls: Don’t Get Pregnant

I remember writing an article giving advice to young girls looking for a way out.  The last bit of advice I struggled with.  I wondered if it was politically incorrect, judgmental, or condescending.  That last piece of advice was not to get pregnant: It is tough enough in this world alone, even harder as a […]

Facebookers and Foursquare Denizens Beware

Facebook was probably a boon to stalkers and stalker wannabes.  Given the general unfamiliarity with Facebook’s ever-changing privacy controls, you could be unwittingly letting that overly nosy frenemy or slightly creepy ex-boyfriend know all your business with accompanying photos. And who knows, you might have an inner stalker lurking inside you.  Ladies, get some help.  […]

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