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The Week That Was: blackgirlgrown on Twitter

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  • RT @TIME: How much you should have saved by 35, 45, or 55 to ensure retirement security | (via @TIMEMoneyland) #
  • #reading Beyond the Food Truck: 10 Offbeat Mobile Businesses #
  • RT @TheSingleWoman: Make changes, not excuses. #TheSW #
  • #reading RT @KDMcGhee: There is no space in my spirit for negativity! #LovingonMe via @KDMcGhee #
  • Funniest reason given by maintenance man as to why my @PalazzoLasVegas hotel room didn't have hot water this AM… #
  • …You're on a high floor and no one is awake this early, guests still sleep. So it takes a long time to flush out the cold water. #
  • Thanks for the explanation and help:-). #onlyinvegas #
  • RT @OfficialCBC: National Voter Registration Day is not part of a campaign or political party. Learn more: #VoteReady #
  • Wow. Flight attendant just checked traveler on flight about being sick. She says to traveler…. #
  • …. Are you going to make it through this flight? Because diverting the flight costs thousands of $$. I need to know now. #
  • …Wheels up…and hopefully no diversions…. #jesusbeahealer #
  • For those following along at home, made it back safely. The woman didn't get sick and the plane wasn't diverted:-) #
  • This isn't too far off –> RT @RocketLawyer: A friendly reminder that Facebook is the enemy of your resume: #
  • Don't make your trials and tribulations the only story. Do not let it define you. Own your victory and perseverance too. #victoryismine #
  • Now I can't stop singing, "Victory is mine, victory is mine, victory TODAY is mine. I told Satan, get thee behind. Victory today is mine." #
  • MT @CBCFInc: Registration deadlines & early voting begins in several states over next week! Get informed, be empowered! #
  • #UberDClove RT @clintonyates: Why I pray that DC doesnt run Uber out of town. #
  • #reading MT @articlethree: The First Amendment & Civil Rights in Selma: Is Monument to Early KKK Leader Constitutional? #
  • #truth –> RT @BorowitzReport: We are born with nothing and we die with nothing but our student loans. #
  • RT @afrobella: "The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room." Thank you Denzel. #
  • All is right in the world. Boardwalk Empire, then Homeland. Perfect Sunday evening after a week of hectic travel to 4 destinations. #
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