Monday, February 19, 2018

News on the Breast Cancer Front

A month can’t go by without hearing about a friend, or a friend of a friend’s, breast cancer scare or diagnosis. My heart sinks every time. The anxiety of not knowing can drive you insane. “Staying calm is easier said than done,” a friend reminds me.

We like to empower you with information so that you can navigate fact from fiction in the event you, God forbid, find a lump.

So what do we know today?

Forget What You’ve Heard, You Need to Get Mammograms Starting at 40: WebMD reports, “In the latest findings to fuel the debate on when to start getting mammograms, new research adds support to those suggesting that annual breast X-rays should begin at age 40. Screening younger women has been controversial, with 2009 guidelines from a U.S. federal task force recommending against routine mammography screening for average-risk women in their 40s. The new study showed that mammograms were just as likely to find invasive breast cancers in women with no family history of breast cancer as in women with a family history of the disease. Invasive breast cancer grows beyond the milk ducts or lobules of the breast. The women in the study were aged 40 to 49.

If You Are A Breast Cancer Survivor, You must Remain Relentless: The risk of a second cancer in cancer survivors mainly confined to the same cancer type as the first. Cancer survivors have more than double the risk of a second primary cancer of the same type, according to a study published in Canadian Medical Association Journal whereas the risk of a second primary cancer of another type was only slightly elevated.

Paternal Family History is Important: New research published in BioMed Central’s open-access journal BMC Cancer looked at the relationship between women with breast cancer and diagnosis of cancer in their parents. The results showed that the chances of women with lobular breast cancer having a father with cancer (especially prostate cancer) was almost twice as likely as women with other forms of breast cancer.

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  • Joshlyn Earls

    I wish everyone would get their facts straight and stop copying and pasting incorrect information.

  • Joshlyn Earls

    Spread the word,
    there is a breast cancer that has no lump, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a cancer
    that can be lethal if not caught in time.