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Layaway Can Be A Girl’s Best Friend

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Over the weekend I did a little shopping at TJ Maxx.  Now, I am not a TJ Maxxinista like my mother.  But I occasionally grace their doors for some incredible sales to spruce up my overly corporate-ish wardrobe (hey, I’m working on it!). 

Imagine my pleasant surprise to see layaway prominently advertised for the frugal “living within their means” fashionista.  I remember when layaway was the only way I got nice things growing up.  And its recent resurgence is a sign of the economic times. In these times, cash rules everything around me.  So I’m reminded  why layaway is the right choice.

For me, it prevents impulse buys.  Layaway forces you to decide if your potential purchase is really worth it.  Oftentimes I’ve seen that “gotta have” dress that I just had to have.  It probably had something to do with the salesgirl telling me it made me look skinny.  Instead of whipping out the credit card only to have buyer’s remorse, layaway gives you the benefit of minimal financial obligation and time to process whether the item is really worth it.

I’m not alone.  Lynnette Khalfani-Cox over at Black Enterprise believes layaway can be the right choice as well but consumers should be cautious:

I think using layaway is a great strategy and we’ve had a number of retailers in recent years start to bring back layaway in a big way. But before you use the layaway process it’s still important that you make sure that you read the fine print for any retail deal that you enter into. It’s also smart to ask a few questions to make sure that layaway is the right choice for you.

She has a point.  I do recall forgetting that I had items in layaway, losing my money, and having to pay those layaway fees.  So it is important to use layaway smartly.  Check out Lynnette Khalfani-Cox‘s Black enterprise article with 8 tips on using lawayway smartly.

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