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Caught Up on Craigslist

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Don’t let this be you someday:

Politico reports:

Rep. Christopher Lee resigned Wednesday evening after it was revealed that he sent a suggestive photograph to a woman he met on the Internet, a swift outcome for a scandal that was over before it even began.

The New York Republican was the subject of a Gawker story Wednesday morning that said he allegedly looked for a female companion on Craigslist despite having a wife and child. The picture in question showed him posing with dress pants and no shirt, and the Gawker story revealed a string of e-mails suggesting he was looking to meet women on the Internet.

His resignation was stunning for how quickly it happened. There was hardly enough time for the story to become a full-blown scandal — the picture was posted after lunch, and Lee had resigned before the nightly news.

Once you press send on an email, text, or tweet, it lives on….especially when they include half-naked or compromising pictures. 

Learn from his mistakes.  Don’t make your own.

And it might be worth reviewing your tagged photos on Facebook to make sure you won’t be caught up in the future.

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