Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Facebookers and Foursquare Denizens Beware

Facebook was probably a boon to stalkers and stalker wannabes.  Given the general unfamiliarity with Facebook’s ever-changing privacy controls, you could be unwittingly letting that overly nosy frenemy or slightly creepy ex-boyfriend know all your business with accompanying photos.

And who knows, you might have an inner stalker lurking inside you

Ladies, get some help. 

No judgment.

And I’ve been equally curious about the proliferation of Foursquare, especially by women.  I haven’t signed on to the Foursquare craze because nobody needs to know where I am every minute of the day along with an accompanying map to triangulate my position.

Criminals can be increasingly ingenious in using the Internet for illegal gains and activities.  Hat Tip to The Savvy Sista for hipping us to Please Rob Me, a site that helps thieves know when you’re not home — based on what you tell Foursquare. 

It’s bad enough that the deviant who broke into my house (also known as my neighbor’s grandson) can see when I come and go.  I don’t need all of the miscreants in a four-mile radius to also know that I’m on my way to the movies (translation: I won’t be home for a couple of hours).

The Savvy Sista provides some great ways to minimize your exposure like getting good insurance or not using the annoying Foursquare application in the first place!

Ladies, be wise and beware.

And again, get help if you’ve got Facebook stalker tendencies.

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