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5 Reasons Why I Hate Fibroids

September 14, 2010 by  
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1. Because at the age of 35 I shouldn’t be forced to make a decision whether or not I want to have kids.

2. Because I should be able to function like a normal woman every 28 days instead of being drugged up on narcotics to make the pain stop.

3. Because I shouldn’t have to have some foreign object pushing up against my bladder making have to pee every other hour.

4. Because I shouldn’t look three months pregnant without having enjoyed the fun necessary to get there.

5. Because just being an African American woman shouldn’t increase my chances five fold.

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  • City Girl

    So sorry that you have to go through this, but glad you wrote this post. I bet that a lot of women can identify with what you go through, and those who can’t will hopefully learn to be more sympathetic.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you wrote this post too. So many sisters struggle with fibroids and its really a shame. I didn’t know that I had fibroids until I found out that I had cancer. It showed up on one of my many tests. (sigh) Just another thing to be concerned about on this journey.

  • Browns1908

    I can so relate!

  • Tomisswill

    I felt the same way when I had surgery at 34…totally can relate. A few friends gave birth that year to their first child…I used to say that instead I gave birth to a fibroid the size of a 4 month old fetus. And my body reacted to the fibroid as if I was pregnant. Then I started to sense the urgency of the “clock” even more. Never really thought about it until that point. Let’s say it just made me a basket case kowing it could interfere with my having kids, which only pushed men further away. Then we haven’t even talked about the insensitivity of the doctors that I dealt with. Unfortunately, one was a black woman. Go figure.

    Hang in there. They say that after a year your body heals and you can have children w out any problem. The doctor at Georgetown that does the UFE was the best that I spoke with at the time.

  • blackgirlgrown


    Thanks so much for your support and feedback. I get so angry about it. And yes, there is such an insensitivity by some. I am blessed to have a wonderful, thoughtful African American woman doctor who can sympathize on the effect of fibroids. Whatever course of treatment I chose, I have confidence that she will see me through it.

    Thanks as always for listening!

  • K.