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Dear Dove World, God Don’t Like Ugly

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Someone needs to tell that to the idiotic and asinine preacher fronting like a man of God and encouraging people to burn the Koran on September 11th. 

I’m usually resigned to let people be complete idiots because usually they’re not hurting anyone.  But this man may very well get someone killed and have blood on his hands.

The Radical Conversationalist sums it up:

Burning a Koran (or any holy book)  is anti-Christian. The Koran is about peace and love. So is the Bible.  But extremists and oppressors exist in both religions.  As you know, the Bible says, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”  So for the record, WWJD? Not this.

The protest is also harmful to America’s image around the world.Muslims, who mostly live in non-western countries, may not “get” that Terry Jones is not a typical American (Have you seen this? or heard him on TV?)  or that average Americans do not support Koran burnings.  In fact 42 percent of Americans view Muslims favorably and only 9 percent hold real prejudice against them. (To access a Pew survey report on Muslims in American, access it here.)

Most importantly, your event threatens national security!  Our own General George Petraeus shared his own warning saying the protest might put troops and our war effort in danger.   Thousands in Afghanistan and Indonesia protested.  There was minor Anti-US violence and  groups called for an anti-Dove World jihad.

Like I said, God don’t like ugly.

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