Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Google Voice for Everyone!

I love my Google Voice phone number.  It allows me a business number without the expense of an additional line.  It has become invaluable as a business tool for those of us on budgets!  You’re able to pick your area code and Google Voice will generate a phone number complete with a voice mail box.  All for free.  And I was able to try to match my last four digits to correspond with my P.O. Box Address (so that I can remember it!). 

Before, Google Voice was by invitation only.  Now it’s open to everyone!

Beta News reports:

Google Voice, the popular and often controversial VoIP, voicemail, and messaging service from Mountain View search giant Google is now open for anyone in the U.S. to use.

Previously, you could only open a Google Voice account if you received an invitation from a user already participating in the program.

In May, Google opened the program to anybody with a .edu mail account, giving students and educators a shot at it.

But with already over one million users in the invitation-only version, Google has opened Voice to anyone.

Sign up for Google Voice!

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