Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why Do You Blog?

I get lots of questions like this from friends and strangers.

They say, “you have a full time career, why are you blogging?”

My responses vary depending on the audience.

In my most honest and pure moments I admit that it’s cheaper than therapy. Life isn’t easy.  And it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  My mom did her best (and a stellar job I might add given what she had to work with!).

It provides me with an outlet unrelated to what I do or my professional profile. 

It allows me to share valuable information with friends and strangers alike. 

It allows me to share my growth with other women also seeking to grown beyond their current experience.

It allows me to learn a skill and something new with every WordPress update, theme upgrade, and CSS code change. 

It allows me to derive anonymous appreciation unassociated from what I do.

Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy my gig.  But I also enjoy having something that is mine, that cannot be taken away because of downsizing, right-sizing, or changes in the political winds.

What do I hope to accomplish?

No real lofty goals.

At the most, to provide a portal for women seeking to grow beyond their current limitations and circumstances whether it be getting that promotion, learning to balance a checkbook, knowing what questions to ask the doctor, or becoming politically engaged.

At the least, to keep my sanity and have a record of my explorations to move past my own circumstances and limitations.


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