Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Book Recommendation: The Master Method

What: The Master Method by Marco SiesThe Master Method combines the wisdom of the most powerful teachers and leaders in history. This knowledge has been passed around for thousands of years from teachers to students and can be found recorded in the pages of thousands of wonderful books. These writings of ancient masters as well as contemporary figures tell the stories of how the most successful people in the world achieved those successes. 

Why: Michelle Bernard, President and CEO of the Independent Women’s Forum, says “it’ll change your life” and encourages everyone to “read it!” 

Marco Speaks:

  • Experience gratitude no matter how your day is going. It will change the focus of your attention, and you will begin to vibrate positively. You will look at the world with different eyes. Where you only saw darkness, you will begin to see beauty.
  • Humility is an important element of The Master Method. Walk your way humbly and remember that every situation, no matter how bad it looks always contains a seed of benefit–knowledge or tools. If you are open to them, they will bring you closer to your goals.
  • Most people spend a great deal of time and energy thinking about what they don’t want and they rarely think of what they really want. Take a little time every day to visualize your goals. When you live that reality in your mind often enough, you will be on your way to accomplishing it. Positivity is the fuel to success!

Buy: The Master Method is available at Amazon and other bookstores and retailers.

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