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Career and Professional Development

Perhaps 2008 was the Age of Obama, but today is all about women in the workplace.  Before the Shriver Report there was Womenomics by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.  Instead of lecturing corporate executives and business leaders on political correctness, Kay and Shipman make the strong case for women in the workforce.  Interested in women in politics?  Another great read is Anne Kornblut’s Notes from the Glass Ceiling.

Remember all of the stuff you learned in high school or those general education classes in college?  General Grant’s Civil War?  Transcendentalism?  The Worldview of Karl Marx? And what exactly is socialism? Neither do I.  But given the prevalence of history in the body politic and historical metaphors in the workplace we could all stand a refresher – without the Freshman 15.  Bedside Baccalaureate gives you not just the facts, “but placement of those facts within the framework of knowledge.”  Think Cliff Notes for adults with context.


The culture of the African Diaspora and Latin America is so intertwined, sometimes strangling the other with its deep roots.  Why The Cock Fights is a case study on the history of the Island of Hispaniola, now current-day Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Using the backdrop of cockfighting, the author exposes the origins of animosity, racial identity (or lack thereof), and strife of one island and two nations.  It is an especially timely read after Haiti’s devastating earthquake.

What does it mean to be black in America today?  A Family Affair attempts to answer that question in a compilation of personal stories and essays.  Divided into five sections representing the key features that influence the African American identity (history, politics, behavior, beliefs and self-evaluation), contributors include religious and spiritual leaders, celebrities, and ordinary people.

Personal Development

We’ve raved about Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog, and were so excited to start our own Happiness Project here on blackgirlgrown.  Want to learn much more?  Pick up a copy of Gretchen’s The Happiness Project, now a New York Times bestseller.

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