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Save Some Money

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Perhaps you missed the press release, but February 21-28, 2010 is America Saves Week.  As did I, you may ask yourself, what’s this and why should I care?  For me, it only took one glance at my not-so-much savings account for me to want more information. 

I work best saving money when I don’t know I’m doing it.  I sign up to contribute to my 401k/thrift savings plan before I get my first paycheck.  That way I won’t have missed the money to begin with.  I have a hard time saving money that’s already in my hands, separation anxiety if you will.

Anyway, back to America Saves and America Saves Week.  As the name suggests, America Saves is a nationwide campaign in which a broad coalition of nonprofit, corporate, and government groups helps individuals and families save and build wealth. During America Saves Week, individuals are encouraged and assisted to assess their savings progress and take action to advance this progress. 

How much do you really know about saving money other than “you should” or that it’s for a rainy day?  What is the typical amount of emergency savings you need?  And this means cash-on-hand, not locked away in your retirement savings plan.

Do you know what your net worth is? For some sobering thoughts, find out how much you’re worth today, and how much you’ll be worth in the future.  I, for one, know I can’t sustain my current lifestyle without saving more for retirement.

But hope springs eternal! 

You can learn:

Some of the easiest ways to save money every day (loose change and money found in between seat cushions count!). 

The best way to manage and pay off debt.

How to create a personal spending plan and strategies to meet your financial goals.

The best ways to take full tax-free advantage of your 401k/Thrift Savings Plan.

And the very timely, how should you spend your tax refund.

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