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Get Your Money Right

July 29, 2009 by  
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If most of us are honest, we don’t know much about finance or financial planning.  For some, filling out a checkbook register requires more concentration than installing software.  But this economy warrants knowing where every single penny made or spent is accounted for. 

It certainly isn’t easy.  K-12 schools have booted civics education, home economics, and other programs in order to focus on core curriculum: reading, writing, and arithmetic.  But even a basic education on balancing a check book neglects the myriad of credit card and housing financial terms and accounting.  Compound interest.  Diversification.  Annual percentage rate.  And finally the adjustable rate mortgage. Could you define these terms accurately?

Business Week has a special report on the New Financial Literacy. Very thorough in its scope, the series delves into the following topics:

Check it out.  Learn something.  The knowledge is out there.  It is whether we choose to take advantage of it.

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