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blackgirlgrown: A Resource for your Resolve

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We all make out our lists – some mentally, some written – all resolving to do better on so many different levels.  And while we all will strive, it is not necessarily the resolve we lack, its the tools to implement the change we want to see in our lives.

Let’s face it.  If resolutions were easy, we wouldn’t have to make mental or written note of it.  And as we grow older, we find that those resolutions have less to do with losing those last 10 pounds (though that is still on my list) and more about the challenges we face as “grown up women” with our finances, our family, our career, our politics, and our own mental dexterity.

With that, I hope that my contribution to the world wide web,, can give you the tools or reinforcement that we need as women of color to do the hard things like:

– talking to our parents about their finances and last wishes

  • understanding what questions to ask your doctor if you find a lump in your breast, or the many diseases black women are more at-risk for
  • knowing how to navigate the politics of our profession, or the politics of our community
  • being knowledgeable out what debts are reported to the credit bureaus when you’re trying to make ends meet; or
  • how President-elect Obama will navigate the waters of race, expectations, and governance

The name, blackgirlgrown, comes from dear friends who reminded me during tough times that it was time to put my “big girl” pants on, and face the day, the challenge, or myself. blackgirlgrown is an extension of that advice. 

Most of you know that I am an incredible news junkie and have been on the receiving end of numerous articles I send from time to time. blackgirlgrown is an extension of this concept by providing a knowledgebase of news, magazine, and blog articles on issues facing women of color as we get older.

No, I haven’t quit my day job (nor would I!) and I won’t be sitting in front of a computer blogging at all times of the night.  But I will post noteworthy articles several times a week on issues I think are important without the salacious distractions of entertainment, fashion or gossip.

At best, becomes a welcome resource for family, friends, and other women searching for answers to the tough questions, or seeking knowledge beyond their current circumstance.

At worst, its my own personal news bulletin board.

At the end of the day, it feels like the right thing to do.

So take a spin, look at the website, post a comment, or your resolutions for 2009. You can leave anonymous comments if you prefer.

And if you would like to give me feedback on how to improve the product, please select the feedback link.

Happy New Year, and wishing you the resolve to meet the challenges of 2009 with resilience and knowledge.


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