Monday, February 19, 2018


Black Enterprise: Conference Etiquette Black Enterprise: Conference Etiquette

Okay, we all go to a lot of conferences.  And we all know those nettlesome conference participants that ruin it for the rest of us that follow the unwritten code of etiquette.  Black Enterprise has a GREAT post that says what we wish we could.  I’ve... 

How Ethnic Can You Be At Work?

Marie Claire has an excellent article on women professionals navigating their ethnic or religious traditions within the work environment: In the last decade, the number of minority women in mid- and senior-level managerial positions increased almost 50... 

Caught Up on Craigslist

Don’t let this be you someday: Politico reports: Rep. Christopher Lee resigned Wednesday evening after it was revealed that he sent a suggestive photograph to a woman he met on the Internet, a swift outcome for a scandal that was over before it... 

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News on the Breast Cancer Front

A month can’t go by without hearing about a friend, or a friend of a friend’s, breast cancer scare or diagnosis. My heart sinks every time. The anxiety of not knowing can drive you insane. “Staying calm is easier said than done,”... 

Bishop Eddie Long…..Shaking My Head

This man is a true predator. He has ruined so many lives. He has been shown for the sick pervert he is. His wife FINALLY decides to leave him after all these years. And NOW he decides to “take some time off.” CNN reporting: Georgia televangelist... 

World AIDS Day: Don’t Just Blog/Tweet About It, Be About It

December 1st is World AIDS Day. A day where the bloggers and tweeters will wax eloquently about the importance of getting tested, raising awareness, and taking action. Can you imagine the progress we would make as a community if everyone who blogged,... 

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Zappos Security Breach: Did You Get Their Email?

If you’re like most women who want to keep a nice shoe game you’ve probably received an email from Zappos warning of a security breach. My email read: First, the bad news: We are writing to let you know that there may have been illegal and unauthorized access to some of your customer account information on, including one or more... [Read more]

Layaway Can Be A Girl’s Best Friend Layaway Can Be A Girl’s Best Friend

Over the weekend I did a little shopping at TJ Maxx.  Now, I am not a TJ Maxxinista like my mother.  But I occasionally grace their doors for some incredible sales to spruce up my overly corporate-ish wardrobe (hey, I’m working on it!).  Imagine my pleasant surprise to see layaway prominently advertised for the frugal “living within their... [Read more]

Black Friday Getting More Ridiculous

As if the feeding shopping frenzy that is Black Friday could get any worse.  Best Buy has decided to jump on the bandwagon and open up at midnight on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday shopping.  This comes on the heels of recent announcements by Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s.  Seriously? Writes the Wall Street Journal: Best Buy Co. is joining... [Read more]

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